A GROUP of Winsford nurses have had a blast from the past after landing jobs at a converted church that shares a bond with all of them.

The Old Chapel on Crook Lane, Winsford, which has been reopened as a care home by 3l Care, has spent the last 14 years as a warehouse.

One of the nurses, Amanda Holloway, 47, Winsford, spent much of her childhood at the church and even married her partner, Ian Holloway in 2000.

“My mother was a Eucharistic Minister, and she used to stand on the alter and hand out bread and wine,” the senior carer said.

“I first came back about two months ago. I can still remember the alter.

“I felt a bit sad that it was changing from a church to a home, but now I think it’s going to be a good home.”

Amanda’s two children were christened at the church and also made their holy communions there.

And Amanda believes it may not be just coincidence that she has found her way back to the sacred building.

“I think fate may have brought me back here,” she said. “I believe everything happens for a reason.”

It’s not just Amanda who shares a past connection with the church neither.

Fellow nurse Louise Tickle, 41, from Winsford, was baptized there in 1973 when she was six weeks old, and continued to visit every Sunday until she was ten.

“It used to have a certain smell,” she said. “I was thought that would linger on but fortunately it’s gone.

“I do think there might be something there that brought us all together.”

Michelle Milne, 48, from Winsford, visited the church up until her late teens and has her holy communal there, as well as her daughter Katy, 21 – who also works at the care home.

“The reason I started working here is that I seen a picture on Facebook, and I was drawn to it, so I enquired if there was any jobs,” the senior nurse said.

“It’s nice to come back here. They have maintained some of the old features too.

I think it will work out for the best. I’ve found my home now.”