Transitional Respite Care

It is one of the biggest concerns for families caring for loved ones living with complex health needs and disability. What happens in the event that I die or that ill health prevents me from being able to provide the care they so desperately need? It is the elephant in the room. The question that they dare not consider because they feel that no-one could care for their loved ones as they do.

Sophie-and-BexAt 3L Care we know how that feels. We also know that with the right guidance, understanding and empathy families feel more in control and have far greater piece of mind once they have decided on the best long term care plan for their dependent. We work with families to facilitate the transition over a period of time.

This gradual process in which the family continue to be an integral part of their loved ones new life has given the whole family the greatest sense of reassurance and comfort. As part of the transition process we will work with you to introduce your loved one into their new home starting with planned respite stays that will increase in during up to the “move in” date. If you would like to talk to us about accessing this transition service please get in touch by contacting us on 01260 217663.

The comments below from the families of some of our residents give an insight into what our respite breaks have provided.

“Our son started to visit 3L Care in February 2012. It’s a lovely place with warm & friendly staff who really care. I see it already as a home from home which is an amazing achievement, as he has never accessed respite care before due to my difficulty in letting him go. All credit to the staff!”

Mr & Mrs H, Northwich

“Gemma has been going to 3L Care for short respite breaks for over a year now. She is 20 years old, has Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome and is profoundly disabled both physically and mentally. Among her range of health challenges is her epilepsy, which is unpredictable and difficult to keep controlled BUT she is a generally contented and very loveable young woman! Gemma and her family have been supported by her local Children’s Hospice since she was very young but as she began the transition into adult services we found 3L Care to be a unique oasis of appropriate and skilled care in a sea of highly inappropriate old people’s nursing homes.

For Gemma to have ended up in a room in a nursing home, on a long corridor, stuck in front of a TV with an hourly walk past staff check on her wellbeing, would have been life threatening. It would also be lacking in appropriate stimulation and more than a bit undignified. Thank goodness for the Team and facilities at 3L. At 3L Care Gemma is safe. She is confidently cared for with medically skilled staff keeping a close watch on her and reacting quickly to anything of concern. She has time to relax and find stimulation in the sensory room or the hydro pool – both things she loves. So with Gemma safe and happy, the rest of us in the family can relax and do the normal things families do.”

Matthew Lanham

If you would like to access the 3L Care residential care service, please contact Jan Potter on 01606 822584 or at