Residential Care

The individuals that live with us at 3L Care do so because of the high level of nursing & care needs they require and as a result of the changing needs of their families. We understand that families entrust us with the safety and wellbeing of their much loved family members. We embrace this trust and demonstrate our commitment to honouring it through the consistency of individualised care we give them. The move to residential care may have been a difficult and stressful and overwhelming decision to make and our team is on hand to support you in this transition.

Our Clinical Liaison Manager, Michelle Milne will support you in the access process and in introducing you to 3L. The family of all of our residents become part of the 3L family and are encouraged to visit at any time. Each resident has their own room with its own television, DVD player, sink, wardrobe, bedside table, lamp and chest of drawers. We encourage the family of residents to personalise their room and making it their own by bringing pictures from home and even decorating it in a way that they may prefer. Making it feel like “home” is all part of the settling in process and helps to make the transition easier.

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If you would like to access the 3L Care residential care service, please contact Jan Potter on 01606 822584 or at